Monday, August 15, 2005

If You Ever Wondered How a Moment Looked.

The Moment of the Moment Posted by Picasa


  1. See Erik I told you so!

    I have to shovel some food down my throat then I am going to bed I just realized I was STARVING.

    This post is depressing though. Cause I only have 4 hours until I have to be up for work and this just reminds me of that fact.

  2. Fucking Awesome. I'm trying to think of new and creative ways of saying "i like this alot".

  3. I'd like to suggest an alternate title...

    "There Goes Another One"

  4. Jeffrey,

    A magical piece of time captured in it's truest form: Black and White photography. Your inspirational shots amaze me more every day.

    I am starting to believe that I am watching a true expert in the making... your photos have become better, your subjects more intriguing, your framing and cropping more enticing.



  5. Erik: I appreciate praise from the mother of our child.

    Kalani: It was ONLY a second! :)

    Ho: THIRD!

    steph: fucking awesome works for me.

    anon: I'll title, thank you. Actually, that was good. next time just email me and I'll pretend it was MY idea.

    ian: thank you, sir. And thanks for the new easier to spell name. :)

    luminouslens: Should I tell them Canon owes you credit for the camera?

    spk: I am honored sir. Ohh..waaaaaaaait a minute! I know what you want! You want more photos of the BH INN!! (I'll post them soon) Heh heh

  6. We will be on MDI for Christmas this year. Are you farmilliar with the christmas tree on the dock there?

    It's been featured in the Bar Harbor times and on many-a-postcard.

    Anyway, that dock belongs to the condos that my in-laws live in. If you get that way before Christmas and get a shot, I would gladly compensate you for your time.

    (it would be a great gift to give them)

    We'll talk in 4 months.