Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Lensday: Candy

I know, I have to stop posting photos of gkirlin. I'll try to go on some self imposed moratorium.Posted by Picasa


  1. taking candy from a baby...
    oh, that reminds me IYT is back up. you playing or not?

  2. Don't you DARE stop taking pictures of my favorite little redhead. He totally makes your blog, j - and don't you forget it! You owe him mondo recompense one of these days. I'll be around to remind you. ;)

  3. this is one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL pictures i've seen. like, ever. wow. you made that?? well done you.

  4. Did you know he is eatng your Mom's favorite kind of candy in this picture:)

  5. jenn see: He's no casual hat wearer. Actually, I think I have a bunch of photos of him ripping at it, trying to take it off. He's only 2 here but he has his diginity.

    dawn: he ate it and he doesn't share.

    Trout: depends on the prize. taking candy from a baby, indeed. heh heh (P.S. Trout's Mom is hot)

    Toady: I thought it was my essays on World Peace and Utopian Societies that made my blog!

    Breanna: Well, I made the photo, my brother made the kid. Well, and his wife. (Below)

    Gil: My Mother's favorite candy was Skittles? Really?