Friday, March 09, 2007

Detail of Slow Children Playing Sign

It COULD read: Dismembered Alien Dandy with a Hersey's Kiss on his head running in front of the Sun.

Moved from the archives for Shutterday: Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs.


  1. Cool..

    And I just have to tell ya: I love this site. Really. I just realized right now that I feel like I'm in a museum that I NEVER want to end.

    OK. Carry on.

  2. You Really Really make me laugh JK. I'm a fan...You put a little sun in our dull lives. And my sister loves your Blog too. Thanks to you! :o) :o) :o)

  3. i like your interpretation of the sign much better.

    you'd never know when to watch out for alien dandies otherwise.

    which, by the by, conjured up some very strange images involving the sun, David Bowie, & Velvet Goldmine.

  4. min: and it loves you back. You didn't even say "First, bitches." :(

    merlinprincess: My marketing surveys have found this to be the number one site preferred by sisters everywhere. Or was that Nuns? I have to check with my marketing department and get back to you.


    steph: It isn't funny if you are the Alien Dandy being chased by the Alien Rapscallions trying to get your sensible Oxford Shoes with heels.

  5. and in the middle of a summer day, does that kiss look more like a melted blob? perhaps the sign could use a little touch-up paint.

  6. i had a dream about that dismembered kid a few nights ago. creepy!

  7. Could be a chocolate chip on his head and three bullet holes in his belly. Reminds me of the gingerbread boy running away.

  8. hahaha...gingerbread boy dies in drive-by. how positively 21st century!