Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Photoblogging Shouldn't Hurt.

Ok..a bit of drama for yer Mama. My friend April, who is far tougher than your lowly and humble photographic servant, sliced her thumb (der Frankenthumb) open and I like that 'it's so disgusting that I can't look away' aspect of stitches so I'm posting it here for your viewing pleasure. I haven't been taking squat that's postable, as you can tell by seeing what I've posted lately, but I have a few photographic irons in the fire...

Until then...if you can't get enough of The Thing of the Moment SE (Stalled Edition) feel free to browse the EXTENSIVE archives.

WARNING! THIS IS NOT A HIATUS! ALTHOUGH YOU *WISH* I AM NOT ENDING THIS PHOTOBLOG! DO NOT CALL MY HOME! I'm just posting this for Gentle Viewer tmt who begged me to post something because she was getting sick of looking at my radio entry for Shutterday.
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  1. If I call your home, will it answer? And by what name shall I call it?

  2. tmt: I do as I'm told.

    kathe: Call it "Mark and Robin's". They do. :)

  3. Is that like Baskin-Robbins? Any relation? ;^)