Friday, March 02, 2007

Guest Photographer: Kelly Evans

Kelly and I used to work together and now keep in touch by gmail. Though in neighboring states we were both home for snow days under the same storm. One of us mentioned Snow Angels, and Kelly, always the doer while I was always the talker, jumped at the chance and sent along proof. Look for her upcoming photoblog as soon as I can convince her to start one.

And like that..a monster created. Her new blog is here.

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  1. Oh I am soooo excited to finally get my big break and be recognized by world renowned photographer "Kirrrrrlin"! Now these photos resulted in a a suggestion to chase away the boredom of snow days, well let me tell you it was harder than it looks! First of all I made the snow angel in about a foot of snow so not only was it hard to make my arms and legs move, I had a "hell" of a time getting out of it without totally ruining it! See what photographers put themselves through just for the perfect shot! So the face shot resulted as I was trying to get out and said..forget it just lay here and take stupid pictures of yourself and whalllla a classic picture wihtout any intention but to rest my muscles from trying to get out of that darn snow angel! Enjoy!

  2. Kelly's comment to me when she ran into comment moderation?

    "approve my comment bitch."

  3. Once again, you beat me to an idea, Kirlmeister. I was going to make Hayley do the snow angel thing.
    At least now I can stay indoors...and warm.