Sunday, March 04, 2007

Another Lesson Learned

After learning how to modify the Holga to take 35mm film, I found that I forgot the most important part....

to take photos of something INTERESTING.
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  1. This is sooo hilarious! Someday I will be as cool as you are Kirrrrrlin! Until then, I leave it up to you to post stuff like this, its funnier than I think than I can be!

  2. Are those rubber bands from the low fat snack bowl??

    P.S. babiebluz -- don't encourage him

  3. Like that plastic bag?

    Oh, how I long for the comfort of a bag blowing in the wind....

  4. What the heck is that plastic doing right in front of your sensor? No wonder those pictures came out like they did, you should try cutting that stuff away or something.

  5. Pretty cool mod you got there. Did you mod it yourself?

  6. Babiebluez: Nothing funny than a snowplow photo. :)

    anon: And from the Canon L Series conversion kit!

    spk: it's still there! A ribbon, but still there.

    fatman: I know it. I had to cut small holes on the center of each frame.

    calcin: It's only LOOKS professional. I did it myself. What's it gonne be?

  7. Interesting enough! Kudos for creativity! Nobody can accuse you of "functional fixedness" to be sure!