Saturday, March 10, 2007

Only S. Patrick Kaine Will Care About This

...and then maybe not even him...
An exercise in target shooting.
I know that big telephoto lenses aren't cool in the 'real' photoblogging community but I think they are cool as freaking hell. Whenever I feel like trying something out, my favorite target is the weathervane on top of the steeple of the Hammond Street Congregational Church (left in the top photo). I can clearly see it with a pair of binoculars but always have more trouble with the cameras. Light, humidity, hand tremors, and luck was on my side today.
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  1. if only, there was a plastic bag in the shot somewhere!

  2. I say cool as freaking hell, too! At the risk of being too personal, exactly how big IS your lens?

  3. haha @ Lisa ...and I so agree cool as hell and I love love love the first one! Great as always

  4. For real dude...what kind of lense are you using? I keep wanting to go digital SLR but doing R&D first...