Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Lensday.com: Junk

I found this part of a train coupling in an abandoned Railroad Diesel Shop and thought it would make a cool doorstop until I tried to lift it.


  1. That is a door stop for a barn, or a hanger door. Not for a house. I used to work on the rail road. Bad memories, I liked the salt and pepper from the waitress and restraunt picture. I need therapy now form the rail road picture. Back to the restraunt photo, there we go I am beter again. LOL

  2. You do a lot of wandering about in abandoned buildings, don't you?

  3. I just took a survey of your comments (just one of the many services we at Wrath, Inc. (TM) offer).

    - very interesting looking weight thingy - 2

    - solitary paddler - 1

    - scaffolding - 9

    - restaurant table with naked bits of belly in the background - 13

    I think the path required here is obvious. You need more near nudity.

  4. Toooo bad you could'nt bring it home Jeff. Would have been very nice with your moose's head on your living room wall... ;o)
    And I agree with Dawn... Nudity is the answer...

  5. Great pic! Beautiful junk!
    P.S. I was nude this morning. Believe me it's NOT the answer. Nor nudity nor near nudity, nope!

  6. Nudity! Nudity! Nudity!

    jk, I never thought I'd find a train coupling so strangely...moving.

  7. Yep. Nudity.

    Clo - I didn't mean *my* nudity. No point scaring small dogs and children. No, I meant little cuties like the waitress a couple of posts back.

  8. Oh! I was talking about *mine*, anyway... I sure never comment the nudity of other blogger. But mine is not scaring but maybe a little *depressing*. And I agree with you there are some nudity that are cute. Badger for exemple... ;)

  9. lance: there's nothing better for what ails ya.

    wrath: I wander around in occupied buildings, too. Ask my boss. And although nudity DOES increase traffic I've resisted posting my VOLUMES of nudes on here... because...well..that's just cheating.

    mp: the moose's head was lighter.

    clo: I do have some lovely junk.

    cbilly: and nude.

  10. You notice how the conversation went from Junk to Nudity. Now isn't that a statement, or what? HA. (If we can't take a joke....)