Friday, January 13, 2006

The Thing of the Moment's 'Groaner O' The Day®' (Let's hear it)

Ice Cream Float


  1. HA! (said while simultanously slapping knee) Thanks for the giggle.

  2. Wow! Sailing in January! You Mainers are a hardy breed.*


  3. Wait why am I supposed to be groaning? Is something happening that I am not aware of?

    Hee hee:)

    And I'm really happy that the comments come right up now... that was getting on my nerves too ;)

  4. :-|

    Such captions will be neither encouraged or tolerated.

  5. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me think.

  6. It made me want a root beer float. Damn you, jk, damn you!

  7. This was part of Mount Desert Island's Art in the Park Program or something. The float makes a LITTLE more sense in the context that it was across the street from a place that had been an ice cream shop for years. For Gentle Viewer, Tom W. This is Echo Lake. I'm sure you know it and the Former Ice Cream Shop/Now Vacation Home.

    3LK: Clever groaner.

    Cryden and Leigh: Exactly.

    Wrath: At least we have unfrozen water in January! :)

    kalani: Just groan.

    erik: Mea culpa.

    Mr Fabulous: WELCOME!

    cb: I make you want lots of things.

  8. looks cool
    it will be good if is real...
    and those people..can paddle their boat, yacht there to the float...and take one ice-cream when ever they are tired...or need to refresh


  9. I still can't believe it was 'privatized'....What will be next? Will Donald Trump buy the top of Cadillac Mountain, gift shop and all, make the road up it private, and only let people up there if they hike up?