Sunday, January 22, 2006

Who Is Your Flashbulb Daddy Now?

Not as dramatic but actually harder than THIS SHOT.

I was at my nephew's basketball game and TRYING to take some photos but I find indoor sports activities to be a NIGHTMARE because I don't have a sweeeeeeeet flash unit. So I'll take HUNDREDS end end up with 2 or 3 blurry 'sports art' photos. Heh heh.

Anyway, I noticed Mr Sweet Flash Unit on the other side of the gym and thought I'd try to capture his flash. Now *YOU* guys try it. Post your results.

Self portraits in the mirror is TOTALLY cheeding, you Gentle View Cheeders! (Disclaimer, this is not MY self portrait, I'm far less slender) Posted by Picasa


  1. Nice belly... I mean cool flash

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  3. It's easy. All you need is a Monster Truck and a stadium full of people who truly believe in the power of their little pocket digicam flashes.

    Monster Jam 1
    Monster Jam 2

    (and it helps if you paste the correct links to your photos. Like I didn't in the comment I just deleted.)

  4. wow..
    tht belly is a 12litre tank...
    can hold a dozen can of beer

    oh yah
    nice flash though

  5. Ahh, Kirlin has those quick Jedi reflexes....

  6. mp: I AM! Heh heh.

    tmtm: It's my favorite, even over the waitress belly. I'm going to start a belly blog.

    gary: I LOVE when people do that. I had a very sweet and innocent Gentle Viewer once ask if I used a flash when taking a photo of the Moon.

    jmd: And it only took 4 hours and 3 hundred shots.

    zbjernak: You ain't seen nothing yet. Get ready for when I make the Belly Blog.

    bassett: Among other things. :)

  7. You can come to my blog and see what I did. I think that we did the same kind of "cheeding". Come on, don't tell me that it really took you 300 shots to take that pic? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

  8. Ok, sorry, I apologize. I really thought you make that one in 2 or 3 seconds. But if it's less than 1 sec, I admit it's not so easy to do. And thanks, it was really fun! :O)

  9. Clo: Oui. 1/3 secs. But you get extra credit because your photo of your daughter looked beautiful. The colors are great.

  10. So are we commenting about th eguy in the picture, you know insert saying here to either stick your foot in your mouth or paint him with the silly brush?

    Silly Brush.

    He shouts, ref look I have the foul right here on instant digital replay you can look at the my little 2 inch screeen, well it is bigger that two inches, right here, he fouled him, the player, I know he looks like me but he is not my son, he is my sister's boyfriends, son, well half sister from my second dad's side, but that is another story, I am crying foul! ref?! Okay security I will sit down, actually I was leaving the buffet at Ryans open in ten. Can't be late Wilma gives me extra shrimp.

    Okay was that it?

  11. I like the ghost player in the lower left corner.

    Here is my flash picture (tho its a little flash on a little camera):