Sunday, October 29, 2006

Brain Food?

I love me a good can of H13700-1F5263 over 07:39. Is this a snack or my Windows Vista Verification Code?
They are packed in like sardines in a can. ......oh.....wait........
Is that Sardine Juice? Can you drink it like you can the Vienna Sausage Juice? Where's my straw?
Who you callin' cracker? I love a snack where you can still identify the body parts.

Mmmmm...sahdines, deah. They ain't just for breakfast anymore.®

Inspired by, but not posted to, Macroday: Fish Posted by Picasa


  1. Gross! You MEN. Mine likes KIPPERS. Bleh. I can't even be in the room with him when he opens the can.

    I do love me some Townhouse / Waverly Wafers, though. YUMMO.

  2. Hey, man: Who you calling cracka? Some of my best friends are sardines.

  3. They're not just for breakfast anymore? Yeah, not since they invented Egg & Cheese Biscuits.

  4. Sardines? YUM! I loves me a snack of sardines. And kippered snacks.

    Try 'em with toast.

  5. back up the train- you drink vienne sausage juice? and admit it?

    i think i just threw up in my mouth a little.

  6. I think I can honestly say that I've never eaten sardines, or any potted meat product. I have also never had Mt Dew, or bought Pop Tarts. I am white trash, but not that white trash.

  7. But they are not even MAINE sardines packed with the Beech Cliff label in the factory at Prospect Harbor!!!

    It looks like a generic can with no label. Where was it produced - Namibia?

    Shame, shame....

  8. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!Is about all I have to say. Well except my English teacher in high school used to make the person with the lowest test grade swallow an anchovy , whole, "let it slide down the back of your throat ,don't think about the scales catching the sides on the way down" thank goodnes it was never me ! Oh yeah warm MOXIE was also a favorite of his hehehhe.

  9. Good Lord, mouth was watering!


  10. Maybe they were Brunswick sardines. They have a cellophane wrapper outside the can.

    Sardines and potted meat do not belong in the same food grouping. God made sardines. Potted meat? Who knows? Someone evil.

  11. Toady Joe: I liked the kippers a little myself. But I still like the CLAMS better.

    spk: No one is more crackah than you and I my friend.

    you know: You're right.

    wrath: toast? That's fancy!

    duff: the juice is where all the vitamins are. Sometimes I'll just throw the whole can in the juicer. MMmmmmmm.

    aughra: You are missing some entire food groups then. Check your pyramid!

    TomW: They were fancy King Oscars from Norway. With the cellophane wrapper on the outside of the can like Dawn says.

    3LK: I'd fail on purpose just for the anchovy! Or I'd CLAIM it was on purpose, anyway.


    wrath: Potted plants, but not potted meats.

    jik: They are as tasty as forams.

  12. Hey Kirlin, can I steal these pics for my food portfolio? I would love to serve those to the kiddies for lunch. Can you imagine the expressions on their little faces?

  13. Now all you need is some limburger cheese and you'll have yourself THE grossest meal on earth-according to ME! :( YUCKY!!! I think I'd chow on some "Soilent Green" chunks first!

  14. It's been over 20 years since I've had sardines, and surprisingly, your photos make me want some. I can't explain it :)