Tuesday, October 31, 2006

End of the Season

It's not always about fame and playing in front of huge screaming crowds. Sometimes it's about just getting it done with your team, families and a few friends.


  1. The football players always got the chicks at my high school. I think there may be one (just one) female on the third row and she has a worried look on her face.

    They must love playing the game...

  2. Not a big sports fan. I' just really amazed on how well you exposed for the skys agaisnt those lights. Manual or Automatic Red?

  3. shade: Yeah, my nephew is on the team. He's got the chicks. Hi Chloe!

    calvin: You people with your DSLRs and your lenses and you knowing exposures and f stops... Here is what I did. I held my Panasonic FX01 to just about below my chin so I could see the image on the LCD screen and pushed the shutter button. That's the sort of gut photography they can't teach you in yer fancy photography Adult Ed classes. That's shooting from the hip. Life in the Streets. That's my gritty photographic life I lead.

    Oh..I mean: Automatic. Thanks for commenting, Cal. :)

  4. Have you see "Friday Night Lights"?

    The cheating cheerleader on that show it H.A.W.T.

    Made me think of that.

    Love the night shots!! For those of us who now have cool cameras, can you also start posting the fstop and aperture on all future photos?

    thanks in advance.

  5. WOW Love the both of these. The first one however made my mouth drop. My boys play as well. Their last game is tomorrow...But these shots are just great!

  6. And we would love to see photos of the end of the game, too. Why didn't you post any of those?

  7. That's it Red im shooting on auto from now on adult ed classes be damned!

  8. i like the dark blue sky and the bright green fields...

  9. SPK: No, Mr Fancy Cam, I will not. They are proprietary secrets.

    kimberly: Thank ya, ma'am.

    nothing: End of the game? I don't understand.

    calvin: You'll thank me someday when your Gentle Viewership drops down to your hired lackeys like mine has. Did you all get your check, by the way?

    zbjernak: Actually, I colored them in. The real scene was black and white.

  10. The games never end in JK's world....
    But the nieces and nephews don't care if he stays for the whole game as long as he makes an appearence and takes a few photos. Then they check the blog to see if they were "blogworthy"