Wednesday, October 25, 2006

John Mitchell Kimball

Who asked me the same question that all grave diggers ask me:

"Do you know John Petros?"

This inside joke brought to you by John Mitchell Kimball, John Petros, and The Thing of the Moment.

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  1. "The same question that all grave diggers ask you?" How many grave diggers do you know???

  2. I've met a few. is what happened...

    I was talking to this guy and he asked about taking the photos and I said it was just a hobby but that I really worked at (name and addess withheld) which is what prompted him to ask about John P. John P had taught John M's daughter. Now John P isn't much older than I am. But he's been at (name and address withheld) since the glaciers receded.

    So when I saw him the next day I told him about taking the photo and set up the line with "And he asked me the questions that all gravediggers as me..." and said it. And without batting an eye he said, "Oh, you met John Mitchell" I was so deflated.

    But John is a very regular Gentle Viewer and calls me 'Signore' as I demanded earlier so now he can see his name here and try to get me to take it down.

  3. Autumn? AUTUMN? Are you taunting us, dear jkirlin?

  4. As much as I hate to admit...I laughed after reading your caption as I often do when reading your site..Laughter is so great!

  5. I think I see Gen. Patton's resting place.

  6. Hmmm, I think the inside joje is too deep for me :)

  7. Signore!!

    I appreciate the mention in your blog and the note that you think I am not that much older than thee. But, I must call your attention to an error in the title and caption of your photo of our favorite grave digger. His name is John KIMBALL, not John Mitchell. I'm reasonably sure he is not related to GEDDY!!

    Enjoy the rest of your day and I'll see you tomorrow at the world's greatest place of employment. (Why else would I have been there for 35 YEARS!)