Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Portrait of Two Unknown Fair Goers (The People) - A Crossover Hit

You are looking for one thing and sometime find another.

I originally posted this on The Carnies photoblog but I know that if you won't click in image you CERTAINLY won't click a LINK to another blog. So open yer little mouths and I'll spoon feed you this because I like it and so will you. Open...oooopen.....


  1. Ahhhhh very good catch Red. They look interesting.

  2. Awesome. You are SUCH a mentor, JKirlin.

    And no, I'm not ONLY commenting to increase my coolness.

    Why would you think that???

  3. Those look like good kids. Great photos all around.

  4. Jkirlin, I looked through your last 100 or two- enjoyed the show quite a lot. Especially this one. Keep up the good work, signore!