Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Blue Tacoma

Why Blue Tacoma?

Because it's easier than yelling "Hey! I can post these photos to flickr for you and you can take a look when you get back home if you have a pen you can write in your hand THE......THING.......OF........."

So I just made the International Sign of the dorky photographer/steering wheel and pointed to both parking lots and could hear 'BLUE TACOMA' to which I dropped off 3 very pretentious genuine The Thing of the Moment cards.

The Kenduskeag has SUCH a short whitewater season.

More photos of the Blue Tacoma Boys can be seen here.

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  1. You have CARDS? Real, honest to god business cards for the bloggie???

    So jealous. Want one.

    Maybe in July when we come up there and stay at BHI, we can have a beer and you can give me my very own card.