Thursday, April 05, 2007

Paddy Murphy's - It's Kinda Nice

Several weeks ago I posted an image to tease torekimi who *IS* Irish (Well, Northern, but that's another matter) and Paddy Murphy's for opening the second Irish Pub within a month and within about 50 yards of another earlier Irish Pub.

With the exception of a post containing the term 'wife's ass' never has another post generated so much Google traffic. It is, I suspect part of their aggressive grass roots online marketing campaign, judging by comments left. Check them out. (The comments! Did you see the comments?)

So in appreciation, I'll post some photos I snuck when I was there for lunch. My review? It's actually very nice and *IS* a nice addition to downtown.
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  1. In other words, you cleared the snow off of your car (and whined about it) just to generate more Google traffic? *grin*


    I thought you might like this site being the photo geek/whore you are.

    Even if you don't like it i think you will appreciate it.

    I like yours more better-er though