Thursday, April 19, 2007

Kindergarten Registration Now!

Today, in an alarming epidemic, there are over 2.5 Million Kindergarteners running loose and completely unregistered.
Please help combat this situation, do you part, and register your Kindergartener before it's too late and help get them off the streets.

This message brought to you by The Committee Against Unregistered Kindergarteners and Handguns, The Ad Council, and The Thing of the Moment
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  1. That explains the creepy human-like creatures I saw in Marquette's Fit Strip today. They must have been unregistered kindergarteners. Unless maybe there were auditioning for Lord of the Flies II: Survival in Yooper Country.

  2. You are such a muppet.

  3. Uuugghh -- those unregistered kindergartners are such a pain

  4. the pic is simple..but yet send a strong message!

    nice capture