Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rock Blogster - Emily Burnham

The Bangor Daily News, in its attempt to stay relevant and hip in this Our Digital Age®, has hired some bloggers to create some online content. One of these brilliant, tasteful, diplomatic, talented young bloggers is local girl gone good: Emily Burnham.
She stumbled across your lowly and humble photographic servant while I was throwing up hundreds of Canoe Race photos on my flickr (locally known as 'flicka') account and wrote me a nice note and asked if she could mention that account and The Thing of the Moment in her Bangor Daily News blog.
Long Time Gentle Viewers will remember the panic and parnoid ravings the last time some local attention was brought to this blog and I nearly pulled it down. After some of you talked me back off the ledge, I went back to assuming no one here would ever see it. My increased postings and ravings about some of Bangor's biggest and best events (Hear that, Canoe Race and National Folk Festival?) and Bangor's biggest and darkest shames (Hear that, James Tobin?) have brought via Google some local traffic, anyway. To think that I can do it and not be seen is the same line of thinking that has people pick their noses in their car.
So, if you get a chance, go look at her delightful little blog. My favorite feature (after my post) is the 5 Things to Do This Weekend in Bangor. I particularly used to like it when she had only listed 3 under that heading until I realized you have to click the little 'read more' link for the rest.
So check out Rock Blogster.


  1. DUDE!

    I knew you when... I knew you when.

  2. Out of curiousity, how can you tell if your site 'hits' are local traffic?

  3. tom w: Sitemeter gives a pretty detailed entry of who comes to the site, things like physical location of the ISP, things like that. When you come to my site, oh...I know it. :)

  4. Oh no Kirrrrrlin so you know I am stalking you? Well thats no fun, I quit! Congrats on the recognition, I hope to be as cool as you one day!

  5. Well I hope your sudden fame doesn't drive you off the net.
    In a way, I am similarly paranoid. I'm thinking of spending the rest of my life using a series of pseudonyms.