Sunday, April 01, 2007

Moody Monday: Indecent

And yes, I'm fully aware of the two of us, who is the most indecent but I like taking photos of people who read, okaaaaay?
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  1. i thought this looked familiar

    so is this the same girl, or do you make it a habit to stalk scantily clad ladies reading books in grassy fields....

  2. Mr Fab: Just to ogle. I hear ya. :)

    JIK: Same girl. Well I didn't want to bore my Gentle Viewers with the same old angle. :)

  3. I was once at the beach reading (back when I was younger and cuter) and this man started taking photos of me. It turned out he was a pervert and had a whole collection of photos of women. Yuck. I ran him off fast. So don't let me catch you taking photos of me reading my book! :)