Thursday, May 10, 2007

Confessions of a Jealous, Anal Retentive, Arachnophobe

My dear close personal friend SPK shamed me recently by taking macro shots of a spider that not only COULD I not take, I wouldn't WANT to. You can see the horrible bastards here. They are ghastly and I'm terribly proud of him. Being one to recognize when a gauntlet has been thrown down, however I decided to face my fears and take my OWN spider shots to jealously compete with him. He wins. But now that we have the jealous and aracnophobic parts detailed. Wherein lies the anal retentiveness?

Just look at that chromatic aberration on the spider's left foreleg in the second shot. I hang my head in shame.

(Update: You know, now that I look at his spider again and notice that MINE is on a WEB and EATING what was possibly once a PERSON and his appears to be in a relatively sterile environment like his KITCHEN COUNTER (Ok, not so sterile of en environment at MY house, but still) I can't help but notice on HIS a TAG that reads "Four Foot Spider Model - Made in China") J'accuse!
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  1. Sorry Jeff, but I did the "click to enlarge" comparison---SPK's spider can definately kick your spiders ass on the close up.

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself. It's not everybody who would lie on their bed with a monster like this hanging over their head like the sword of Damacles just to get one over SPK.

  3. Re. chromatic abberation.
    I suggest you get yourself a decent lens rather than wrapping a red rubberband around an el cheapo. Rubberbands are the cause of many an episode of retention, anal and otherwise.

  4. yep, his shots were pretty darn good. but you have some waiting to be cultivated too so dont get down on yourself. maybe you can start with close up pics of board games... like a backgammon board for example.