Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fletcher's Landing

I don't know the deal with this little shack. It's between two schools that I serve so I see it a couple of times per week. It served as one of my first photo subjects Just before I start blogging and the top image is the last photo I ever took with my little Fujifilm A210 because the lens housing had broken and came off immediately after that shot. It was that shot and it's 'selective' focus that started my lensbaby fetish.

Anyway, there is nothing in it but a tire or two. It's a lark for the people who own the land and they always make sure there are couple of chairs out front, some curtains in the windows (changed as needed), and from time to time some flowers in the flower boxes.

I've collected a bunch of images (In case 4 isn't enough) and stuck them in their own little flickr set here.
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  1. Fletcher's landing?

    I didn't know he could fly.

    Have always loved these photos and wondered what the story was behind the run down cottage with intact curtains. Thanks for the info!

  2. As you know, I love that little cabin. I believe, technically, it is in Ellsworth. If you stop by the family redemption center, the one that takes returnable cans and bottles not the church a little further up the road, you will see a great, poster-sized photo of the two ladies who own it in the vestibule.

  3. Thanks for sharing what looks like a secret place.