Friday, October 24, 2008

WHY Is This Being Posted AGAIN?

No, not to show you AGAIN that I'm in Obama's pocket since I saw he had clinched the young attractive lesbian vote at the Democratic Caucus back in February while our IDIOT Governor John E. Baldacci was backing Hillary Clinton. (That doesn't make him an idiot, he makes HIMSELF the idiot, but I digress)

But to SHOW you that you can post your OWN voting experience at the New York Times Polling Place Photo Project.

I submitted my Caucus Photos there in February and forgot about it until Photojojo sent mail encouraging people to participate. Now my polling place was my home because I voted absentee in case I perished in a fiery automobile accident prior to Nov 4th and didn't get to submit my vote of approval for the last 8 years and try to make that idiot John Baldacci look even more impotent than he is.

So when you go vote to support your candidate or cancel out the vote of someone you know is voting for the other guy, take a picture to rub it in their faces then submit it to the New York Times! Maybe you can lie and get press credentials for it someday!
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