Monday, October 27, 2008

I KNOW It was Just Some Street Fair

But the sight of thousands of New Yorkers walking the carless streets still creeps me out a little.
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  1. It is creepy... like being in a store after it has closed.... maybe. So, what happened to that road shot?

  2. you should see it during a blackout, when they are walking the streets AND smashing windows and stealing stuff!! you gotta love NYC!!

  3. You wanna talk eerie and NYC...? Try being there when everything was shuttered for hurricane Floyd in Sept. 1999. I've never seen the city so quiet and desolate. Almost no one was out. We were able to drive all over that night (after the hurricane had moved away) and park right in front of whatever venue we went to. Several of the CMJ events had been cancelled or altered because travel in and out of NYC was affected. We were finally able to catch an awesome show by Tricky and Baby Namboos at the Bowery Ballroom. There were people there, but it was nowhere near as full as it would have been on a normal night.