Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Know There Is One Of These Everyday

But there won't ALWAYS be.

This cheery thought brought to you by the reluctant early risers here at The Thing of the Moment.
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  1. For one brief moment...you made me miss Bangor Maine. Then I remembered where I live and I got over it. Definately a beautiful shot though.

  2. Perfect sentiment for a day when I feel like junk... I thank you.

  3. The only time I see a sunrise is when I pull an all nighter...

    So, at least there is now a record of it happening...

  4. Not to be a pedant, but that is actually photos of two different events. The second photo is sunrise.

    And the first is dawn. But my hair isn't THAT red anymore.

    And your comments are different.

  5. Very Very Beautiful. I went with a similar interpretation of the Theme. But I took the opposite side of the spectrum with a Sunset Entry.

    Happy Holidays.

  6. Absolutely beautiful. I bet it was great sight to see in person :)