Friday, November 03, 2006

All I Got Was a Whole Lotta Nothing.

Now listen up, son, ya might just learn something with this one. See the shape of that ledge and how it's the same shape as that mountain several miles behind it? They both have gradual inclines from the northwest to a sharper drop at the southeast. Glaciers polished the northwest face and plucked rocks from the southeast. You can see this shape repeated over and over throughout Downeast Maine. Yer welcome. Now onto a whole lotta nothing numero dos...
This is the Moon over the over-photographed (by me anyway) Egg Rock Light. That's the Moon in the upper left and Egg Rock Light is in the lower right. If you click on the image, you may have to come back here for reference
Parking on the illegal side of the Park Loop Road. We locals go CRAZY once the tourists leave. WOO HOO! Parking on the left! I'm NUTS!!!! And also freezing. Tourists leave for a reason.
"Birches Reflected in an Autumn Pond." If I could paint, I'd paint crap like this because the up and down strokes would be easy and if any dripped I'd say it was on purpose and you'd BUY it! Yer lucky I can't paint. Now you still have some money left.


  1. You must have had your funny juice last night, because this is some of your best literary work yet! HA.

    The "Birches Reflected in an Autumn Pond." photo is perfectly composed - LOVE IT.

    JKIRLIN, will you be my friend?

  2. Was that last picture taken shortly before the angry beavers (that lived in the lodge) became upset at you for disturbing their privacy and attacked your canoe?