Monday, July 03, 2006

Fujifilm A330 Autopsy

Fujifilm A330 Autopsy Photos
Fujinon Zoom lens and flash capacitor

This was a GREAT little camera. I strongly recommend Fujis to all who are looking for a great point and shoot with a miraculous color chip. Great, that is, right up until a 5 cent plastic part breaks rendering the camera unusable. And, Gentle Viewers, this has happened to me TWICE. But no hard feelings, Fuji, especially from Kodak, Nikon, and Canon, who I have bought from since, because YOU HAVE SCREWED ME OVER ENOUGH. Heh heh.


According to my Sitemeter it's time for another Milestone Gentle Viewer to arrive. The Milestone Gentle Viewer will win a matted and signed photo from The Thing of the Moment in a common size. Young Calvin Coleman (MGV60000) sold his on eBay and purchased a home, a small used car, and put the rest into college funds for his current and any future children he may have. (up to 5 before they need to start splitting the capital.)

If MGV70000 is one of the thousands of Gentle Viewers who stop at this website, look at my photos, and then leave me bleeding by the side of the road alone, unloved, and sobbing then... ummmmm.... I dunno. I win? The prize goes to MCV70001? What do you think?


  1. I think I'm too confused by those last two paragraphs to say.

    But great photos of the camera autopsy.

  2. what does the "5 cent plastic part " do??

  3. I want to win... I will come back every minute till I win... :) Do you think I will win? I would like to have a particular photo. Will I winnnnnn???? Pleaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzz?
    Let me win. CHEAT IF NEEDED.... I WNAT THAT PIC!!!! Wich pic?... I will not tell you unless I win... Mhahahahahaha.
    Signed: Crazy MP....

  4. I think it must have been suicide.

  5. Oh, no! And they couldn't fix that one tiny little plastic part? My camera's headed to the shop soon. As soon as I get that copy of my receipt since they need that instead of the warranty card in order for the warranty to actually be valid. Dumb.

  6. Nope Dawn... As I can see, still 116 to go.... *sigh* Maybe tomorrow....

  7. Actually, most camera manufacturers have an additional part that is activated when it is sold, tracks your usage patterns, counts down the days until the warranty expires, then waits until the worst moment to trigger the self-destruction of that plastic part. Otherwise, how would they stay in business?

  8. wrath: I know. It confused me, too.

    jenny: On one it held on the lens, on this it was a switch required to scoll through menu options. Arrgh.

    mp: No! No nudes of me!

    tore: No, but it did try to rip it's own lens out after a particularly nasty self portrait.

    caryn: Well, maybe they COULD have. But I held on to it so long that it grew more and more obsolete until it was more fun to tear it apart. I have relatives like that, too.

    wrath: no..YES.

    mp: Don't make me hide that counter! :)

    tomw: I love yer Commie Conspiracy Theories. :)

  9. It had to be the ZOOM button...right?