Monday, July 10, 2006

Would You Look At Us??

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

I recently had a discussion with KLR of WorldWideGlimpses, and mentioned in my highlight of her site, that she lives her life with her camera rather than through it. Then, damn it, she confirmed it with an offhand comment in an email. Now, Gentle Viewers, I am unable to change my ways after 250 years, but some of YOU, YOU can still save yourselves! *Shaking Jacob Marley Chains*

I submit for your approval 3 snapshots I took today of people enjoying a foggy beach day. Which is better and healthier??
Yeah. See?


  1. Is that Seal Harbor? I like the beach there, small and not too crowded, no matter how hot the weather. Sometimes, if your lucky,you can find treasures of sand dollars,sea glass,and periwinkle shells.

  2. Sigh. I miss those kind of beaches...

    What was the question?

  3. Oh, yeah! That's Seal Harbor, home of the Rockefellers. I choose photo A. I focus more on the water and islands beyond than on the beach. But why does it almost always have to be foggy!??
    I guess we better enjoy the beach while we have it. With global warming the water may reach up to where jkirlin is taking the photos by the time he is old & grey.
    Also, 3littlekirlins, there is a better beach on the island to find sand dollars, but if I said where it is, the natives would see to it that I slept with the fishes out in that bay.

  4. 3LK: It is. They have sand dollars there?

    wrath: What kind of beaches do you have NOW? Sunny ones?

    tom w: It was sunny every other place on the Island yesterday. I think I dodged the Global Warming bullt given that I'm old and gray now, although in Maine we are pro-Global Warming. It'll shorten the winters and get the beachfront properties away from the Out Of State Summer People. They have sand dollars there?

  5. No, rocky ones. With extremely cold water. Brrrrrr!

  6. Is that orchard beach? That's the only beach in Maine I'm familiar with. How on earth can those people get in the water - I'm cold just thinking about it!!! If I were there I'd be snapping photos right there too......not on the beach! I need near-equatorial tropic, sweat until it stings your eyes type heat (and bathwater warm seas) before I plunge in.

    I think that you live life more with a camera at the ready than through your camera, by the way......

  7. klr: God no, I loathe the southern coast. This is fog bound Mount Desert Island.

    And no, through, always through. :) I used to live it with..and even without. But I never cared for it much.