Monday, July 10, 2006

People at Work®: The Street Stripers

Reposted for Pxite: Painting.

You Gentle Viewers driving around with 4 big black erasers on your cars and scuffing your heels as you cross the street...Who do you think cleans up your messes and fixes your streets? Your Mom? No! Bill and Janice do it! I saw them tonight while I was out...ummm....just out. Anyway, they initally gave me the reaction you'd give most people if you worked on the streets overnight.

This was taken last summer but they are at it again this year. I saw them the other night while I was out...ummm....just out again.

They are now also in the People at Work® Series.


  1. Can anyone say STREET STRIPERS 5 times fast????

  2. Bet you were tempted to put in an extra "p", weren't you?