Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Clowns

Governor Baldacci.

A sympathetic Gentle Viewer who did not want their name attached to any defense of the Governor suggested that maybe it is unfair to post him with clowns and upon further review I think they may be correct as it is unfair to the clowns.

Governor Baldacci should be reclassified as a 'tool' and will be posted with hoes and hammers as soon I find a real tool willing to demean itself.


  1. and your point is...... ?

  2. Poor Mr Baldacci. Indeed an unfortunate name with a forehead like his (he seems to be going for the same hairstyle as Spiffy). But at least he's smiling. Bangor clowns lack a certain joie de vivre. Maybe they just want their orange, plastic shoes back.

  3. mama has the same opinion of your governor. in fact, i'm sure i could talk her into taking a photo or two of her shovels to support your cause.