Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sea Heather

Posted for Macroday: Dry

I know, I's terrible but it was this or dry skin.


You are welcome. Posted by Picasa


  1. Sorry, Gentle Viewers, Macrodudes, and budding (no pun intended)botanists. It's not Sea Heather, It's Sea LAVENDAR! I couldn't even find anything for Sea Heather. When I discover an undiscovered plant I shall name it Sea Heather. And I'm claiming that NOW so when you find an undiscovered plant you have to call it something else. Like...Sea Hether, without the 'a'.

  2. It looks like statice. I din't know we had sea lavender. That's a new one for me. Thanks!

    I like the pic.

    Word verif: dyglo - lazy dayglo

  3. Phew, thanks for saving us the dry skin..... :D
    But really, this pic is nice...No no no... I mean it!
    You are welcome too.... :D

  4. I actually love the colors and light in this one. Very soothing.