Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bradford Days

The 'Whatever Annual Bradford Days Parade' featuring firetrucks from little towns all over hell. Can you FEEL the excitement? Can you feel 100s of homeowners in their yards with garden hoses waiting for Bradford Days to end? But end they not, Gentle Viewers. They were simply Corinth Days a few week before this and will be Exeter Days, Hudson Days, Glenburn Days until they get through Maine's roll call of 438 Civil Subdivision.
"Get back behind the line or I'll take another swing atcha, you Bradford-Days-Celebratin'-Over-Excited Crazy Ol Lady!"
Nothing says Bradford Days like the 'Whatever Annual Bradford Days Pig Chase' with...the Pig as the actual prize. If you or your Swift-as-Hermes Pig Chasin' child catches said horrified pig, they BAG it for you and then it's YOUR problem. "Look what I got, Ma!"
The Frying Pan Toss. The Thing of the Moment respectfully reverts to it's cliched "A Picture says 1000 words: policy out of respect for the future Mrs jkirlin seen here tossing a FRYING PAN LIKE THE BEST DAMNED WHATEVER BRADFORD DAYS FRYING PAN TOSSER EVER! You go future Mrs jkirlin!

Thus sadly, just like the real Bradford Days, this post closes and is respectfully submitted to Pxite: Festivity. See you next year. Posted by Picasa


  1. "Future Mrs. jkirlin?"

    You'll break hearts all over the Eastern seaboard. Say it ain't so.

    Excellent action shots, Mr. k.

  2. EASTERN SEABOARD!!! What about us here in the Pacific Northwest??

  3. If your child manages to catch a pig in the pig scramble the farmer will buy it back for 35 or 40 bucks.Which happens most of the time and he still makes a $30 profit on the pig that he can sell again for $65.

    This year Bradford Days is going to be HUGE ;) its the towns 175th year!

    Y'all come by and visit now ya'hear

  4. Wowee. I thought I'd just returned from a pretty unique corner of odd Americana. Then I saw these. Beeyootiful, jk.