Monday, May 09, 2005

Blue Moon II Posted by Hello


  1. Those are the sort of shots I dream of. The colour of the sky... amazing!

  2. Alright Jeff, looks like you're serious about improving your mediocre photography here :-)
    So instead of a wise-ass comment, I'm gonna make a suggestion. The moon shouldn't be dead-center like that because it doesn't lead the eye very well. Try it with the moon framed over farther to either the left or the right (right would probably be better in this case) and it'll be more visually appealing.

  3. I stole the idea from (was inspired by) Deb Lattimore, I think. Who had a lovely centered shot. So while I generally try to stay within the rule of thirds and not center things, like the flower sneaks, this was on purpose. Besides, I have a reputation of mediocrety to uphold. Heh heh

  4. Friday Challenge: Space (As seen from my living room observatory)

  5. nice. I did a digital photo to the same effect. taking these shots must be like hitting a bulls eye @ 100 yards.

  6. i love this
    not so sure i agree with abhi
    (except that on principle i do agree with mixing it up, i often take the familiar picture and then pretend i am someone else and take it again just to see what happens)
    actually i think there is a visual triangle formed that echos the steeples and that keeps the eye moving
    well you know what they say
    beauty is in the eye...