Wednesday, June 28, 2006

People at Work® - THE SERIES

As many of you Gentle Viewers know, the day job that I, your lowly and humble photographic servent, am frequently advised not to give up is perhaps the most boring job on Earth when photographed. A public relations person once called and asked if she could take photos of what I did for a promotional brochure and she kept asking 'This is it?'. Addtionally, my job is wrapped up in so much red tape, privacy concerns, HIPAA and FERPA regulations that I couldn't even show you the nice stuff if there was any.

Also as many of you Gentle Viewers know, I am VERY susceptible to flattery. I'm a tool. I think it was neene who once complimented a series of People at Work and that was that. I must do more. MUCH more.It's easy to take pictures of people at work. All you have to do is ask. People are generally interested in what they do, even if they hate it (but most don't), and will talk to you about it or at least let you watch. I find that it seems to make sense to them that someone might take photos of it. At least much more so than if I try to take photos of people NOT at work. ("Get away or I will TAZE YOU!")

Some of these are new, some you have seen before, some I have used for other purposes but these sets come closer to representing the complete shoot. Rarely do these photos illustrate the entire scope of a person's job, merely the tiny part they have graciously allowed me to see, photograph, and generally be in the way of.

During this Summer (When I DON'T work), I will try to further win neene over by collecting and taking more photos of people at work and posting them as sets on my flickr account...

But you can access them here, where it's always good and you are welcomed and people like you...

Here at The Thing of the Moment

Now, for your Gentle Viewing pleasure, I present:

People at Work®: Blueberry Field Burners
People at Work®: Window Washer
People at Work®: Mussel Truck Lumpers
People at Work®: Tattoo Artist
People at Work®: Kiddie Show Ringmaster
People at Work®: Watch Repairman
People at Work®: Railroad Police
People at Work®: Grave Diggers
People at Work®: Marquee Sign Changer
People at Work®: Singer Laurie Jones
People at Work®: Traffic Stripers
People at Work®: Sidewalk Masons
People at Work®: Haymakers
People at Work®: Sea Truk Crew
People at Work®: Buskers
People at Work®: Carnies - The Carousel Crew
People at Work®: Lobster Bait Dealers
People at Work®: Bricklayers
People at Work®: The Ferry Crew
People at Work®: The Beekeepers
And more to follow....

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  1. wow
    so glad you made this post

    you rule

    (and i am totally & officially "won",
    i mean, who wouldn't want to lump a mussel truck after seeing these pictures?)