Thursday, November 16, 2006

JKirlin, Visual Preservationist

I have a confession (As I sometimes do). Your lowly and humble photographic servant only SEEMS like the greatest thing to happen to photography since the flash cube, but really, brace yourselves, he's just a guy with a bad memory who knows that once something disappears, he won't remember it anymore. You know how babies, before they develop 'object permanence', don't know an object existed once it's removed? That's me. Only older. But with the same hands. Only bigger.

Anyway, this little bridge was the very first thing I ever rushed out to get photos of before it disappeared. The opposite side had just fallen off and they weren't sure how to fix it. That tunnel leads to a cow pasture and if you click to enlarge the image you can see the log suspended by ropes used to keep the cows on one side of the road or the other.

As it is, they saved most of the bridge but now where they nice white fence is sit a regular metal guard rail and the opposite side that fell in is now sort of cemented back into place and repaved over. I might go back and see how it looks now. That's the most fun of being the Visual Preservationist, going back and not having to say "You mean it wasn't always like this?"


  1. WOW ... so true Ihave never really thought of that "like that" but so true...
    Beautiful color...

  2. Where is this? You don't see too many stone bridges anymore.

    'Visual preservation' is important, especially in a public setting. How can we deal with current issues and plan for the future if we don't know where we've been? That especially applies to the landscape and structures around us. Thanks, jkirlin!

  3. Just Wanted to get your reaction to the passing of a true Maine Icon.....Eddie Driscoll! I have to be honest with you, I was sad to see him go. His wife goes to my Dad's Church in Gorham so they all went to the funeral (Apprarently the puppets attended also). My Sister Flew out from Minnesota for it. He was one of Americas best (basically unknown outside of maine) entertainers. I really got a kick out of him as a kid.
    Viva La Mason Mutt!!!!

  4. How are you?
    It seems to be energetic every day.

  5. This is kind of wordy, I lost my train of thought after "same hands, only bigger."

  6. Dear tmt,
    When Kirlin's pictures start to be worth a thousand words, I guess then he'll shut up.

  7. i cant wait 2 c da B4 & after photos of da TURKEY!!!
    AND the SPLENDA PIE!!!!