Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Thing of the Moment's Red Sock School of Posting®

I have no explanation for this other than it popped up as a screen saver shot like a red sock in the wash and I decided YOU should see it. You're welcome. Please send no money. You'll be billed later.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I was wondering what ever happened to this shot.

    Put it on my tab.

  2. Beautiful. This reminded me of a photo taken by foto-inclined friend of mine during the pre-digital era. We happened into a hotel bar off Dupont Circle in D.C. during a July 4 capital visit. The hotel apparently paid host to a Vietnam veterans' group, and most of the bar was filled by its ranks. In a beautifully surreptitious gesture, she unsheathed her camera, adjusted the settings without looking through the viewfinder, and still managed a nicely framed view of one of the vets lecturing a teen/tweener - with his wrist resting on the kid's shoulder while dangling a Bud bar bottle over the shoulder, and holding the butt-end of a Vietnam-era rifle with its barrel resting on his own shoulder ...

    If my friend had the wherewithall to capture me and my gape in the foreground, it might be more worthy of mention in the class of your photo ... but I can't resist explaining my reaction. Thanks for reminding me of that long-since past photo moment.