Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mars Hill Wind Farm Nov I

I'd like to welcome the many new Gentle Viewers from Save Our Common Mountain Environment. They very kindly linked me and I'd like to return the favor, if not the sentiment. I'm decidely pro Wind Farm because I think it's cool.

I encourage my regular Gentle Viewers to look at their website. Apparently "The Duke of Beaufort, as landowner, wishes to build a large wind power station on the profoundly beautiful and historic Mynydd-y-Gwair (The Hay Mountain), North Gower. The developer is National Wind Power.

The proposed site includes Penlle’r Castell (Summit of the Place of the Castle). This motte and bailey castle, which is documented from 1287, sits above the boundaries of Carmarthenshire and Neath and Port Talbot and is the highest altitude point of Swansea at 1200 feet above sea level. It commands panoramic views across the Bristol Channel, along the Somerset and Devon coastline, much of Glamorgan, North to the Brecon Beacons and West to the Preseli hills of West Pembrokeshire. Mynydd-y-Gwair is a large, unfenced, grazed common of significant conservation value. (from their website)


I can picture the evil Duke in his castle erecting windmills against the wishes of the commoners because their sheep graze there. I love it. My delight grows in leaps and bounds. I just looked up the Duke and he lives in Badminton House! YES! The one the game is named after!

As I told my local power company prompting them to write me back as though I were a child: "I really like your electricity and I try to use some of it every day" And they have to make it SOMEPLACE and this is the cleanest way that I can imagine. However, Sir Evil Duke, if that's some special mountain, please build it someplace else in your Dukedom. (I've never written a Duke before. The Queen, yes, but never a Duke)

(Dear Commoners, Or you can do what we do and simply behead him. No, wait, that wasn't us, that was the French. - the eds.)


  1. Hooooold oooon. Is somebody pulling your leg?
    The Duke of BEAUFORT putting up a WIND farm?

    p.s. "I've never written a Duke before. The Queen, yes, but never a Duke"
    Are you sure about your use of the definite article before 'queen'?

  2. Check out this article.. about wind farms, and how it is driving this guy out of his house!

  3. Well he shouldn't have built his wind farm so close to his house. Do you think the Duke of Beaufort is building HIS near the House of Badminton? would throw off his game.

    And if one must be bothered by noise, I say inaudible noise is the way to go. I have radios playing all over the house playing JUST below my threshold of hearing. it drives all the people with normal hearing batty.

    Multiple radios: *murmurmurmurmurmur*


    Me: What? I don't hear nothin'.

    Besides, Mars Hill already has a ski area on it. Those skiers are noisy bastards! AUDIBLE EVEN! And those creaking ski lefts. Don't even get me GOING about the creaking ski lifts. And the trucks 2 miles away? SWEET MOTHER OF GOD, MAKE THEM STOP! Jake Brakers!

  4. I wish I had the problem of a windmill and inaudible noise. I live near the airport and a coal burning electric plant! Give him my number.

  5. Check out the Mars Hill Wind Farm live Webcam at:

  6. Let's make a deal. I won't vote for your photo, and you won't vote for mine. ;^)