Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another in a Long Series of Photos OF Equipment Rather Than WITH.

That's right! My Lensbaby 3G arrived today, 3 hours before my email notification from Kirsten, the Director of Customer Happiness letting me know that it had been shipped!! A neat trick unless Lensbaby VP Sam Pardue (Who asked me to email him so he could either tell me to quit dropping his name in posts or to stop begging for a Lensbaby 3G in public but I haven't heard back.) sent me one to shut me up. If so, check my eBay sellers account in a few days.

But MORE likely, they are just the greatest company evar. I wish they sold cars. My fear now of course is that the Lensbaby 3G is on sale and currently only AVAILABLE in the Canon mount because they are about to come out with the Lensbaby 4G or 3H or 3G Mark II or whatever. I'm hoping not because I do have things like food and electricity to pay for.

I was raving about the thing to my friend Barbara trying to make her jealous and she told me to send her photos. So I took photos OF it. Then she said she meant WITH. That's cute of her.

Almost as cute as Long Time Gentle Viewer Min thinking I had moved to Chicago. (Come to think of it, the friends I was staying with kept asking me if I had also....interesting)

Anyway, like most new photo things, I tried it out at my desk.

I'll have a full review of it's use in a later post but until then I'll be using it for things that I hope doesn't void the warranty or require an emergency room visit. (I say things like this then wonder why I don't get asked for a celebrity endorsement.)

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