Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lensbaby 3G: myPhone

Lensbaby 3G, Aperture 2.0, Shutter 1/2000 ISO: 200

THIS is going to keep me busy for a while, I think.

Prepare for my new series Lensbaby Photos of Stuff in my Apartment!

In the meantime please feel free to compliment both my bokeh and my adherence to 1930s telecommunication technology in the comment section.

As an aside, did any of you know that Blogger Post Editor has a spellchecker? Well, I didn't. I are shocked.

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  1. Friends of mine held onto their dial telephone as long as possible, sometime into the early 1990s. Their kids friends would try to use it and stare at it for the longest time, then poke their fingers into the holds and try to push the numbers to get it to work.

    Oh, how we laughed.

  2. We still have a rotary dial phone in use, though we also have 2 touch tone phones. Some of our kids' friends have been bewildered by the rotary dial.

  3. Very, very cool photo. I'll be checking out your other lensbaby photos as well.