Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Pictures of You

Lisa and Paul at the horrifically lit Sushi Place

All my friends LOVE walking with me when I'm several feet ahead walking backwards taking photos of them. It makes them feel like STARS! They hide the love by telling me to knock it the eff off. But I know they secretly like it. VERY secretly

They are both quite tall despite the distortion of the Sigma 10-20. In fact, if you look, you can see they come up almost to 1/8th of the Sears Tower in the background. That's like 120 feet!

Paul and Lisa at Burnham Harbor

These are my Chicago friends and my reason for travel. As many Gentle Viewers know. I don't go anyplace BY DESIGN. I' m an object at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. When I was married, it was my wife that was this force but after that it was Paul. When Paul lived here any traveling I did (and it was alot) was because he told me we were traveling (NYC, Quebec City, Vegas a couple of times, LA, DC) now that he's moved to Chicago, I only travel when summoned. It works out nicely. He has the nicest friends on the Planet. And so do I. *sniff*
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  1. Now if only you'd catch all of your typos before I have to correct them. ;^)

  2. Is that all it takes.

    You're going to visit Newfoundland.