Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why I Shoot With Canon: They Are Bitter!

My friend Josh, brought this in to work to show up how much his puppies appreciate the tools of photography. They thought them delicious!

See his wife's ass here.
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  1. Are you TRYING to kill me? That's the kind of camera I have. You didn't have to post such graphic and horrific pictures of a mutilated DEAD camera.

    You're cold, jkirling. Cold, I tells ya!

  2. Ha! You really got that out of the art-o-mat! :-)

  3. I had puppies once. They ate a cell phone, all my credit cards, and a phone book (which I didn't need anymore anyway since I didn't have a cell phone). Now I adopt adult dogs.

  4. You ARE a foul man....just like that other guy said!

  5. This is why my mother always said pick up your shoes and don't leave them where the puppy can get them....

    Although, I am pretty sure I never left the camera where the puppy could get it...

    I love puppies.

  6. well, this makes me glad that my puppy only eats furniture!