Sunday, September 21, 2008

It May Be Time For An Update.

I got this back in the late 50s after a 3 dollar fill up and it's been in the glove box of my Honda Civic ever since. It's the only map I use.
Have you guys seen General Eisenhower's proposed Interstate Highway System? It's going to be SWELL!
Submitted for Macroday: Maps.


  1. Late 50s!!?? WHAT!!??? That cleansing serum you use is working splendidly... I didn't think you were a day older than ME!

  2. Dude, even I wasn't driving in the late 50s. Unless it had 3 wheels.

  3. ali b: Very kind of you. Would you write my Nursing Home administrator and see if she'll free me?

    Dawn: HA HA I BLUFFED! I'm only 17! You are OLD!

  4. You are 23 if you are a day, young man.

    And it's not smart to taunt old ladies. We have canes and we know how to use them!