Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lisa, Paul and Carmine at Dog Beach, Chicago

It was CALLED Dog Beach anyway. I don't know if that is its official name or not but dogs are allowed on and it and as a result it's FULL of dogs.

Slightly Irregular Gentle Viewers of The Thing of the Moment may be under the impression that your lowly and humble photographic servant LIKES dogs, but in fact, I really don't. My friends have dogs and I like my friends so I tolerate the dogs and I do enjoy taking photos of them because photos do not smell or bark.

So to me, the beach was not unlike walking around inside a full ashtray no matter how well behaved the dogs and how picked-up-after they were.

The ONE possible exception is Carmine. He is the only completely unscented dog I've ever met and he treats me with the same disinterest I have for him, and I love him for it.
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  1. You forgot one thing.....the title should read Lisa,Paul Carmine and baby (???) at Dog Beach, Chicago....witness "baby bump"

  2. I only mention the baby by accident when specifically asked not to.