Thursday, September 04, 2008

That Crazy 'The Internets' is CRAZY!

In an earlier post of a photo of a very gregarious homeless gentleman I had expressed regret for not giving him a few bucks after taking his photo so I asked Fellow Photoblogger, Artist, Grad Student, Gentle Viewer and Chicago Errand Girl JosyC to drop him some cash.

So even though she's a recent New Jersey import, she goes all Chicago on me and says she'll do it and it's inside the Loop somewhere.

So I thought I'd try to go all Chicago back on her so I Googled the little business in the background and knew it was under the "L" and found the intersection of South Wabash and East Madison and did a street view and not only was the cafe there...


Click the image to enlarge and you can see him sitting there.

So Josy, now yer hooked up. I'll send you the cash and of course, a The Thing of the Moment card good for picking teeth when folded and for using to hold your spot on the corner if you put a small rock on it to keep it from blowing away, or if you collect a LOT of them they could make a tidy bed.

Oh..and now my traveling is done. From now on I'm just going to stay home and take screen shots to post on here of Google Earth Street View and call it good.

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  1. Holy crap, that is awesome.

    I've definitely got to find him now.

  2. Better warn JKirlin's chair that the ass prints will become permanent since he won't have to go to the window (or even get out of his chair) in order to photograph snow plows this winter!