Monday, September 01, 2008

TtV At Chicago's Navy Pier

People (and even I) will sometimes ask me: "jkirlin? Why do you carry all that shit around with you?"

So then I start to explain how as a child I suffered from The Anxieties and now into adulthood I...

And then usually stop me and say, "No, the camera shit."

And I awkwardly chuckle like I knew what they meant all along.

Then I explain for instance, how I enjoy the use of the TtV and and frequently engage subjects into discussions of it's design and use and let them hold it and get photos that I might not otherwise have gotten or that it allows me to see from a different angle, like usually waist level rather than eye level, etc...which doesn't really explain all ther other lenses, cameras, or the Lensbaby.

But the truth?

I don't know how to work with masks or layers in Photoshop.

Happy again??
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  1. You carry all that shit around in the hope of stretching your arms.

  2. Jeff, it would appear its time to schedule you an appointment at Casa Joles for a little one on one training on photoshop layer masks!!!

  3. You're making me giggle a lot today, JKirlin. :)

  4. I just saw a picture of a Kodak Duoflex the other day and remembered that we used to have one of these at home when I was a kid! I don't think I have it now, though, sadly. Now I can't make a public spectacle of myself by using one with the homemade contraption...

    Also, what Min said.