Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Thursday Challenge: Glass

One of Two thick chunks of mirror I found leaning against a door in a BLAIR WITCH TYPE ABANDONED HOUSE!


(I fight my fears everyday for you, Gentle Viewers)

The other cool thick chunk can be seen here.


  1. i love chucks. if i could... i'd wear them all the time. but, i can't. you know why? because i work for the man. stupid man.

  2. Nice pic and nice shoe. The red color really adds some interresting focal point in your composition. Cool!

  3. Nice, The red is awesome. Very profound today, I am not.

  4. I heart your shoes...very old school.

  5. It took a moment for me to grasp your current thing of the moment. At first I thought I was looking through a window but then I read your post ;-)

    The shoe is awfully clean-looking. New? Or just for special occasions? Once again, just too curious ;-)

  6. I like this a lot. Red Keds too! Cool.

    Happy HNT!

  7. JMD: They DID! Gross, huh??

    steph: I'd wear them every day if it wasn't for my lovely and massively strong calves trying to RIP my achilles tendon from my HEEL with every step. So I have to alternate them around a little. AND, I usually sometimes wear them sockless, so I have multiple pairs. If ya know what I mean..and I think ya do.

    merlinprincess: I was going to wear my hemp chuck taylors for this shoot but thought the red would add an interesting focal point, too. Heh heh.

    lance: the red is my fave. Now THAT is profound. :)

    leigh: I'm nothing if not OLD school.

    PG: Ever since the poison ivy incident, I tend to limit their use from floor, to pavement, to gas pedal and brake. :)

    gid: it pales as an HNT entry, but happy HNT to YOU! And welcome! (they are converse all star chuck taylors.) ;)

  8. Dude, if you don't win a prize for this photo, I'm gonna.... I'm gonna....

    *searches for something meaningfully devastating to the world at large, yet that which will not devastate me personally if it doesn't happen for ya*


    Great, and I mean FANTASTIC, shot.

  9. You all miss the point here. The best part of the pic is the pantleg. I wonder if the battery acid ate through the fabric and into your leg. Maybe that's why you don't wear socks.

  10. I don't know what to say except Love this picture!

    And NOW I know who to blame for K not liking to wear socks with her shoes;)