Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tired Old Barn

I drive past this on the way to work. It's just a cool falling-in barn and it doesn't speak to any higher truth but it was a nice cloudy fall day and I liked how it looked and, like The Tree, won't be around much longer, so I'm glad I got a picture of it.

And so are you.

Because you are my Gentle Viewers and I love you all. Heh heh.


  1. I see inevitable doom in this picture.

    Maybe it's the dark clouds...

    Nah. It's that barn.

  2. I enjoyed the tree and I enjoy this barn too. Thanks for all the great though provoking pictures on your blog. Allison told me about your blog, thanks for appreciating and listening to our radio show!

  3. Great picture. Very ominous mood to it.

  4. min: that's another reminder to be to not become a homeowner. That would be my home in a few months.

    kalani: Don't you just?? Heh heh

    leigh: Thanks! Leigh and Allison can be heard on KXEZ. A little Texas oldies station. Their banter is the best part.

    calvin: I know. I was killed shortly after this was taken!

  5. Of course it speaks to a higher truth, you know, Impermanence of all Human Endeavours, We're All Doomed. Like that.

  6. Heck with the barn, It's the SKY, dude, the SKY that makes this. Nicely done, you just may turn into a photographer someday!