Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Thursday Challenge: Golden


Shamelessly posted to 'Photo Friday: Golden' because damn it, I have no soul, no shame, and no other golden photos to post FAST ENOUGH TO MAKE IT WORTH PARTICIPATING!

Every Photo Meme has it's issues.

Let's go through them...

MacroDay: Poof! Enter: See it Sunday
Moody Monday: They made me a juror once, therefore, no high standards.
Photo Tuesday: Poof! Enter: Tuesday Photo.
lensday: I was first once, see Moody Monday. :)
Thursday Challenge is great when it's UP!
Photo Friday: Unless you have posted within 30 mins...count yourself out.
Pxite: More voting problems than Florida and Ohio combined.

But don't we love em?


  1. ohhhhh i like. though i couldn't touch. too many germs.

  2. "I'm rich! I'm rich!"

    For some reason, I just felt like saying that.

  3. Thanks for sharing :)...... when we need it.

  4. Very golden! Did you dump out your piggy bank? Or rob a big one?

  5. Cripes! Where'd you get all those dubloons! Yaaaar!

  6. steph: but they are only MY germs now.

    min: fun, isn't it. I roll around in it sometimes, too.

    3LK: Don't tell the kids, but it's all I got.

    PG: Did I mention obsessive/compulsive?

    erik: boxtops, my man, boxtops.

  7. so you WERE just trying to distract me

  8. oops
    there i go,
    jumping to conclusions again...

    (i'm just glad i didn't post a gold cat...)