Monday, February 20, 2006

All The Trouble In The World

Why, when I'm on vacation, do NONE of those TV Networks like AMC or TNT or TBS have on a James Bond-a-thon? Goooooooooooldfiiiiiiiiiiiiingah!

Bastards. Posted by Picasa


  1. Is that a duck on your TV? And is that a telescope back there? And signs? What sort of place do you live in?

    These photos of your flat, this one and the one before are nice, but your friends are right. You have to go out more. :)

  2. u staying alone?
    thts lot of thing in the background...

    dude, u need to go outdoor...
    ur are out of picture to post...
    this oh-so-normal-nothing-impressed-me type


  3. Hey guys! Never heard of coocooning?

  4. My sis is RIGHT! And it's coooold outside, even in MAINE! ;o)

  5. The duck is sitting on the TV because it's warm there. The telescope is for "visiting" neighbours. The sign is to guide the duck. There are lots of things in the room because in winter we need them so we don't go barking mad from cabin fever.

    Life in the frozen almost-North. It's an art.

  6. Hey, the had a James Bond-athon just a week or two ago! I watched them all.

  7. cryden: Just because I don't live in a little thatched roofed house house somewhere in Western Ireland with my Church sanctioned 13 children which represents every time I had sex with my wife is NO reason to tell ME to get out more. Heh heh (For the record I thought he lived in some coal darkened cold water flat in the slums of London with his Church sanctioned TWO children representing decent poor Church sanctioned birth control given that it only worked 11 of 13 times, but he corrected me.)

    zbjernak: I'm not falling for your criticism again! :)

    Clo: YEAH! THAT!

    MP: ANd in the summer, it's too HOT!

    Wrath: The 12x digital zom with image stablization camera of for the neighbors. The telescope is just because it looks cool.

    Monterey John: Well some of us had to WORK and thought they'd rerun them this week.

    Mr Fabulous: I considered that but it felt wrong.