Saturday, February 18, 2006

Pxite: Airport


  1. Sweetheart, that's an airplane. The airport is the actual building. ;)

  2. nice
    but i think if the power line was not there...then this will be better

  3. Kalani: The building is the TERMINAL. This is the Approach.

    zb: That's one of those light approachy things on the Approach.

    I missed with this one, huh? Heh heh heh. I still like it. PHILISTINES! :)

  4. Now we are talking!

    The light stand that is part of the approach lighting system to guide aircraft during bad weather on instrument approaches. It is part of the subject. From a pilots perspective I know exactly where this picture was taken. What people do not understand is how close the aircraft is to the ground approaching overhead. The sound of the Boeing 757 as it roars over even at almost idle. The sound is deafening. It is completely part of the picture. the five lights on top of the light stand are the exact centerline of the approach to the runway.

    If the picture did not have that, then it could be anywhere, but the respect for the cray man standing underneath the approach has to be commended. It is difficult to find this place where you are not rushed off as a security threat now a days. Even with my security badge I get rushed off too.

    Jeff nice picture, and I hope the description helps your viewers understand and appreciate the investment into the photo that you took.