Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Nothing Says Summer Like Just Sitting In The Grass For A While

Reworked and Reposted for Photo Tuesday: Lazy

I mentioned to Lance Lockhart that when my nephew saw this photo on the blog, WEEKS after I had taken it, he said to his mother 'She wouldn't play with me.'

So I went back and looked at the other photos I took before and after this one and he was right. He was having some interaction with some other kids that I missed although I was looking right at them but as soon as he saw himself in this photo who knew exactly where, when and why.


  1. ah, summer...
    nice shot, though i wish you could see more of the boy's face...

  2. This field is nicer than my garden.

  3. nice nice
    like the way it is off focus
    , over exposed

    but is very nice...
    dreamy like as well

    cute boy there...
    i bet there is another kirlins... no?

  4. Lazy is okay, but the subject looks so intent on finding butterflies and bees, and the wonder of what is outdoors and in the grasses.

  5. No, Gkirlin is just really lazy, he couldn't care less about nature, he likes loud noises and the riendeer and tree stand dance, this is why we love him.

  6. Kids are amazing!

    The text you put under that pic gives another dimension to it. Didn't saw it yesterday(maybe it wasn't there?).

    And does he always play with his ear when he's upset? He's so cute! :O)